wrt-cabinet-1Overlay Design: A sleek cabinet design whereby the cabinet door or drawer front covers the entire face frame so that only the cabinet door is seen with no part of the face frame visible. The full range of the cabinetry from base cabinets to tall floor mounted cabinets is available in the Architectural Overlay design.
Cupboards and cabinets are available in many variants: With integrated exhaust, locking systems, glass doors, glass sliding doors, drawers and extending shelves – in several dimensions.
Workbench Cabinets are either Floor mounted, on Castors or suspended on sturdy H-Frames or Add-on C-Frames tables.

bcp-1Base cabinets with integrated plinth
elements feature four adjustable feet to permit necessary corrections for uneven floors. A soft lip seals the plinth panel against the floor. Hinged doors and drawers come with aluminium D-handles, and cabinets with hinged doors feature height adjustable shelves. Drawers move in metal frames for optional full extension. Options also include cylinder locks.



storage-5Tall Cabinets come in various widths and depths. Fronts are available as hinged doors with or without glazing or as combinations with doors and drawers. Special equipment cabinets will hold freezer, refrigeration or drying units. These cabinets come with the necessary venting grids. Cabinets with extraction are fitted with 75 mm ports and constant air volume controller. The exhaust air volume is 40 m3/h. Doors are fitted with olive handles and can be fitted with an integrated cylinder lock.


storage-7Top Cabinets are available in three different heights and adjustable shelves. Top cabinets are supplied with a ladder rail to fasten a safety ladder. Doors are supplied with handles and if so desired with locking system.




wc-1Hanging cabinets are supported either in system supports of a wall bench or island bench or they are mounted at a wall. They come with height-adjustable shelves. Doors are fitted with anodized aluminium D-handles. Customers can select hinged doors or sliding glass doors. Hanging cabinets an also be fitted with a ladder rail.



mc-1Mobile base cabinets can be pushed into H-frames or C-frames. They come with four swiveling dual casters, two of which can be locked. Cabinets with hinged doors feature height adjustable shelves. To preclude any tipping of the cabinet, a safety interlock ensures that only one drawer can be extended at any one time.

osw-3An overhead service wing is an energy and media supply system. It is used where there is a need for variability and changes to the laboratory floor plan dictated by changing requirements to laboratory operations and equipment. With the overhead service wing, furniture and equipment in the laboratory can be placed and re-arranged at random. In analytic laboratories with its high grade instruments and accessories, easy access – also to the rear of such instruments – is of major importance.

The overhead media ceiling system comes in module length of 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm and it is fitted with valves and fittings for various media and pure gas as well as with the appropriate electric components. Mounting to the ceiling is realized with system carriers which also allows for the additional mounting of extraction ducts, shelves and suspended cabinets.

fh-3Bench-mounted fume cupboards to EN 14175
Fume cupboards, through specific design features and air ducts, shall – acc. to the definition of their purpose – prevent gases, fumes or suspended matters from escaping into the laboratory. Further to this, they shall prevent the creation of a dangerous explosive atmosphere, and the closed front sash shall protect laboratory personnel against harmful spraying media or flying debris or glass splinters. Our proven designs comply with all these demands for maximum safety in the laboratory. The standard fume cupboard features melamine interior lining, ceramic work top, scuffold holders and lighting. Installation of electric sockets and charging with the respective media (water, gases, pure gases) as required. Base cabinets can be arranged as needed.

Fume cupboards for low rooms to EN 14175
Laboratories generally provide clear heights of at least 3 m. In all these situations, standard fume cupboards with structural heights of 2738 mm can be installed. In rooms with ceilings lower than 3 m, fume cupboards for low rooms must be used. Owing to a separated front sash (twin-sash), which does not extend beyond the fume cupboard structural height, the fume cupboard for low rooms have a height of 2400 mm. Side walls at all fume cupboards can be fitted with pendulum flaps to permit the introduction of cables, leads or pipework into the fume cupboard.

Low-level fume cupboards to EN 14175
High-rising test set-ups require special fume cupboard designs. Worktops in low-level fume cupboards, therefore, are mounted at a height of 500 mm. This provides for a clear interior height of 1940 mm. For this fume cupboard type the front sash has two elements. For bench-mounted fume cupboards and low-level fume cupboards a sturdy steel frame is the load-bearing element for the fume cupboard superstructure. All fume cupboards can also be fitted with composite safety glazing in the side walls to allow for optimum view into the fume cupboard chamber.

Walk-in fume cupboards to EN 14175
fh-2When test set-ups are prepared on trolleys to be moved into the fume cupboard, walk-in fume cupboards are required. The interior clear height of 2400 mm allows for tall test set-ups.
The sink is placed into a lateral board, and taps and fittings are at the side wall. Electric energy is supplied via pylons and can realised at both sides. As with all other fume cupboard models, electrical socket outlets can also be installed inside the cupboards.



fh-6Teaching Fume Hoods
Freely positioned demonstration fume cupboards Safety is no game: The stand-alone fume cupboard can be viewed from all sides and it is ideally suited for experimental instructions. Normally, this fume cupboard is positioned at the end of the teacher’s experimental table. The fume cupboard is certified to EN 14175.

Epoxy Resin worktops are molded in large monolithic sections and custom fabricated to your specification. The unique molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures complete chemical reaction throughout the material to create a uniform work surface of the highest quality. Almost any facility’s work surfaces can be configured using the components found in any of the styles.

Ceramic worktops are chemical-coated stoneware worktops manufactured within the scope of the maximum dimensions, 2000 mm x 990 mm.

Phenolic Resin
Solid Phenolic Compact worksurfaces by Durcon”

Epoxy DropIn Sinks are the industry standard due to the ease of installation and the safety and durability of the radiused interior and exterior edges.
When there is a need for a dual sink configuration, Double DropIn Sinks are far less expensive and easier to install than glued together undermount pairs.
Several shallow basins and graduated depth ADA DropIn Sinks to accommodate lab users with special needs and help conform to Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guidelines. are also available.

Polypropylene sinks have a pleasant design, are easy to install and are resistant to most chemicals. Polypropylene is a user-friendly material, as glasswork will not break easily due to the relatively soft surface of polypropylene. The material is also very easy to clean.
The sinks are heat-resistant up to a temperature of approx. 100°C and suitable for drop-on as well as for undermount installation.”

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