H. & H. Scientific Supplies Inc. is in business since 1996 and is focused on delivering quality laboratory furniture, fume hoods, HEPA filtered enclosures and specialized laboratory equipment from North America and Europe to the markets in Middle East and India.

We are the exclusive dealer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods from Mott Manufacturing Ltd. of Canada for the Middle East and India. Mott manufactures steel, stainless steel, wood laboratory casework and fume hoods.

We are the dealer for Labconco for the Middle East and India. Labconco manufactures laboratory products such as ductless fume hoods, HEPA filtered enclosures, freeze dry equipment, water purification systems, etc. to name a few.

We are exclusive dealer for Hemling.de / Laborbau Systems from Germany for Middle East and India.

Hemling.de / Laborbau Systems manufactures wooden laboratory furniture and fume hoods.

H. & H. Scientific Supplies Inc. has a team of dedicated individuals with vast experience in the field of laboratory engineering. Whether it is planning or designing of a laboratory or supply, installation, testing and commissioning of laboratory furniture, fume hoods and equipment’s, workshop instrumentation, other ventilated products. You can put your trust in our team and see how your dream evolves into reality.

Whether your laboratory is industrial, technical, educational, pharmaceutical, medical, research, oil & gas, we have the right product for your laboratory.